Portable Buildings

An Investment That Moves With You

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind movable asset, we have something in store for you.

Besides fence posts and building cattle feeders, we also specialize in exceptional portable buildings. They offer convenience and ease.

Delivering Durability

We at Sentinel Industries, Inc. are focused on delivering high-quality, durable portable buildings that are suited to your needs and preferences. We offer options for you to choose from.

Standard Features

Our portable buildings come with various standard features such as pressure-treated skids, windows that are 2 'x 2', doors that are 4' or 6' wide, and color-coated steel siding in your choice of attractive, baked-in colors. We also offer an extra-large, convenient door.

As these buildings are completely portable, they are a valuable investment that moves with you.

What Sets Us Apart

We strive to deliver integrity and services that you can count on. Being a long-running business, we always use durable superior-quality wood. You can trust our skills and rest easy knowing we are taking care of the job for you.