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About Us
"Your Guard of Quality"
For more then 57 years, Sentinel Industries has been supplying high-quality products at competitive prices to customers throughout the midwestern and southern United States.

Incorporated in 1957, Sentinel was a pioneer in the industry and a leader in the call of industry standards. Today, we meet these standards by treating to a net retention of .40 CCA. Penetration and retention are assured by the use of a third-party testing lab. Sentinel is a licensed producer of Wolmanized® products.

Sentinel is a long-time member of the Missouri Forest Products Association and the Arkansas Forest Products Association. Sentinel's straight forward, no-nonsense approach to the business assures our customers of the very finest products at value prices.

Wood is an economical and renewable resource. However, when left untreated, it is subject to attack by insects, rot and decaying fungi. Protect your wood project in a number of ways, but none ensures the long-term protection that pressure treating offers.

Sentinel Industries Inc
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Title: Manager/Sales

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