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Sentinel Industries, Incorporated is located in Calico Rock, Arkansas. We specialized in supplying a full assortment of round stock posts and poles for the agricultural business. We do sell locally to farmers, building suppliers, and contractors.

Sentinel Industries has a full assortment of round stock posts and poles and is your best source for wood fence posts and poles for any application. From 2-inch to 8-inch diameters, and from 6.5-feet to 30-feet lengths, we have whatever the project requires.

Our line posts are available in diameters as small as 2.5 inches and are perfect for barbed wire or non-climb fences.
On your next load of treated posts, call 800-874-1506, 870-297-3724 or fax 870-297-8820 for the  sales agent. We will be happy to provide current price quotes, availability and delivery schedules.
Providing Wooden Posts to America
Whether you're talking animal safety or highway safety, Sentinel Industries has been supplying fence posts that aid the farmers in keeping their livestock contained and support highway marking posts since 1957. Helping America is a job we take very seriously.
Sentinel Industries Inc
2016 Hwy 56  
Calico Rock , Arkansas 72519
Phone: 870-297-3724 or 800-874-1506
Fax: 870-297-8820

Name: Jim King
Title: Manager/Sales

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